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Four Leaf Clover


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Mother's day, spring and a Four Leaf Clover; what do they have in common? They always bring a ray hope, a dose of faith, a bundle of love and a splash of luck...ūüôÜūüćÄūüĆĻ
Here is an elegant design that brings lots of abundance, love, happiness, confidence, protection, health and luck to the one that pulls of this sophisticated piece...


10% of profits goes back into our World...

By taking home this beauty right here, know that you're giving back to the World...

Category      : Bracelet
Material        : Cubic Zirconia, Natural Stones, Brass Spacers, Gold plated brass charm
Stones          : Jasper, Tiger's Eye, African Jade a.k.a Buddstone, Hematite
Colour           : Brown, Gold, Oraange, Green, Yellow, Silver, Forest Woods Tone
Thickness     : Stones 8 & 10mm Charm approx.9mm

All items purchased from WTF come with a matching jewellery packaging. Lend your gift a more personal note with one of our greetings cards.


1) Charms:

Cubic Zirconia: 

Name     : Four Leaf Clover


A symbol of luck, abundance and love

Finishing : Clear cubic zirconia crystals, gold plated brass

Designed & Hand-Carved by : WTF Penang

Charity : 10% of profits goes right back into our World


2) Natural Stones: 

Tiger's Eye : Protection, willpower, intuition, confidence, heal broken bones, enhances other stones, courage in recognizing ideas

Jasper : Stone of Abundance, Success, Prosperity, Nurturing, Increase Energy/Strength/Love, Connects with our inner self, Aids in liver/kidney/intestinal problems, heartburn

Buddstone aka African Jade : A stone of stamina & patience, great for parents, teachers, elders & caretakers. Abundance for business, improves intuition, hearing, lightens our body, removes energy blockages, connection to elders

Hematite : Strength, Stability, Balance, Blood Disorders, Stress Relief, Reynaud's disorder, Strengthen's silver cord


*For a more detailed explanation on the stones & birthstones, check out our Stone Meaning Page...

P/S: Please leave us a note for the measurement of your wrist in CM

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