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A circle is one of the most significant symbols to us here on Earth. Everything that we call life started from a simple circle which evolved into beautiful creations that we marvel at today. To us, a circle means unity. We used to love our old round table that we used to have at home before we switched to a rectangular one. We noticed that with the round table, it became the main place for everyone to get together. We did our work there, mum did the cutting of the vegetables on it, grandma played scrabble and told us stories, dad used to have his glass of whisky while writing his programs and we had beautiful family conversations, games and chill sessions at that sweet spot...

I guess its because in a circle, we become equals and that subconsciously opens all of us up to better conversations, closer relationships and a better sense of togetherness. However, those are just our thoughts. The perfect family table is always one that is filled with joy, laughter and happiness regardless the shape. So go on now, find your own perfect space...



Cedar Wood Beads, Silver plated brass


1) Charms



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