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How To Customize Your Own

Customizing your own bracelet is an extremely fun and exciting process. Over here at WTF, we truly believe that everyone is unique in their own way regardless of the conditions that we were born into or the situation that we find ourselves in right now...

Over the years, thousands of people has given us the chance to be a part of their story by trusting us with their own piece. We've been humbled by the amount of trust that people has put unto us by telling us their story and sharing with us what they want their creation to look like.It is for moments like these that keeps us going each day as it teaches us so much about the human connection, life and everything beautiful. It gives us a chance to understand people from all walks of life and to us, that is priceless...

By customizing with us, you have absolute power over your creation and we've had the privilege over the years to work our imagination with thousands of people from all over the world in achieving one goal, to create a stunning masterpiece that will fit your story. We strongly believe that there is nothing more meaningful than a piece tailor-made to your taste therefore we will do everything that we can to help you experience the feeling bringing your own creation to live...

Can everyone do it? Definitely!! It's simple, quick and straight-forward...You pick your favourite items, and we design it on a bracelet for you; though we may occasionally make a few changes that we think you'll love, however if you don't like what you see, we can start all over again until you are extremely happy with it!

Follow our step-by-step guide below or drop us a message and we will guide you on your journey to create your very own masterpiece...

Stay different, stay real... always 


STEP 1:  Choose your charm beads

Basically a charm is the center-piece of your bracelet. A basic bracelet normally contains a choice of 1 or 2 charms while those who are more adventurous would opt for 3, 5 or even up to 9 charms ( like how Josh does his own bracelets ). 

Some of these charms symbolizes certain meanings which comes from either ancient beliefs or the creators perspective during the designing process of the charm...


Click the links below to explore the our selection and have funnnnnn... xoxo








STEP 2:  Choose your stones

These selection of semi-precious stone would make up most of your bracelet.

Click the links below to explore these Legendary stones... 




STEP 3:  Choose your spacers/accesories

Choosing the right accessories is essential in designing a masterpiece. Not only does it give your creation a breath of fresh air, it also acts as a glorifier for the elements that you want projected on your bracelet. Remember, less is more... 


1   - Big Gold Rondelle (Stainless Steel)                                          

2   - Big Gold Abacus (Stainless Steel)                                        

3   - Golden Greek                                          

4   - Simple Gold Plate                                            

5   - Golden Wheel

6   - Polished Brass                          

7   - Small gold double plate                         

8   - Gold Disc (Stainless Steel)                        

9   - Golden Snowflake                                

10 - Flower                     

11 - Egyptian Cuff                      

12 - Silver Greek 

13 - Mayan

14 - Shell

15 - Big Gear

16 - Tibetan

17 - Simple (Stainless Steel)

18 - Abacus (Stainless Steel)

19 - Gold Sapphire Rondelle

20 - Gold Black Diamond Rondelle

21 - Gold Crystal Rondelle

22 - Silver Black Rondelle

23 - Silver Emerald Rondelle

24 - Silver Violet Rondelle

25 - Silver Sapphire Rondelle

26 - Silver Crystal AB Rondelle

27 - Silver Crystal Rondelle

28 - Big Silver Rondelle (Stainless Steel)

29 - Simple Silver Plate

30 - Hematite Disc Golden (Stone)

31 - Hematite Disc Olive (Stone)

32 - Hematite Sapphire (Stone)

33 - Silver Wheel

34 - Rose Gold Wheel

35 - Gunmetal Wheel

36 - Hematite Disc (Stone)

37 - Hematite Abacus small (Stone)


STEP 4:  Measuring your wrist

Don't forget to measure the size of your wrist in CM...

How to measure your wrist own?

1) Use a soft measuring tape and wrap it around your wrist.


2) Use a thread/string and wrap it around your wrist. Measure the thread/string on a ruler.


Buying a gift? 

Hakuna Matata! Send us a full body picture of that special someone and we will be able to estimate the size for you...*winks*


STEP 5:  Send us your selection


Or here are a few other ways you can get in touch with us...

1) Email :

2) Facebook messenger : Click here  

3) Instagram Direct Message : Click Here

4) Whatsapp:

019-335 1153 (English & Chinese Speaking)

012-592 5616 (English & Bahasa Melayu)


That's it!! 5 Simple steps and we're done!

The next step is ours... You can expect to hear from us within 24 hours!! Let's make some magic together...