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Giving Back

 Saving the planet...

 "Life is a collaboration between men & nature..." - WTF Crew

For centuries, men has inhabited and altered the landscapes of nature; some giving birth to breath-taking beauty, while others destroying life around it. As human and nature continue to shape one another, our role is to understand this connection that we have with nature and the importance of co-existing with one another.

Ever since the dawn of our species, we have continued to reap the benefits of nature and it is impossible to live without taking from the grounds of our planet and too often we forget this relevance that the Earth has on our daily lives. 

 As we continue to grow by reaping the blessings of nature, we too must understand that nature needs our help to grow, or should I say, to live...

This mutual respect between men and nature, acknowledging that we can't blossom without each other's care and love is what our generation lacks today. We destroy nature to build convenience, we scorch the lands to feed our greed and we eliminate life just to kill our fears.

As we close in on depleting the resources of the Earth which is the very essence of our healthy and beautiful life, there is still hope in restoring our Planet back to what she was always meant to be; a Mother to all life.

Here at WTF, we have always been madly in love with the wonders that nature has to offer. Though we may still be acres away from creating an impact on our Planet the way giant corporations are able to, we can still play our part each day as we grow, one leaf at a time...

Did you know...

Creating ECO Spaces...

As we grow and prepare ourselves to heal our planet from some of the bigger issues above, we feel the urge to kick-off our mission to save the Earth by doing something small to change the environment around us while inspiring the lives of others by the beauty, love & comfort that nature has to offer.

The state which our planet is in today is at an alarming rate and our only chance is coming together and doing our part, no matter how insignificant it may seem, and hope that those around us would come to do the same someday.


We will be converting small private/public spaces by giving it a touch of nature using Education, Art & Love. Our goal here is to inspire the people around us by giving everyone a chance to experience the healing that nature provides to our mind and body in a busy world while promoting Eco-friendly tourism in a very powerful way...

We aim to create as many spaces around us, starting with Penang, and at the same time to raise awareness on the wonderful effects of having our lives surrounded  by nature constantly while educating people on how we can easily improve our own private spaces  by adding a dose of nature.

Being lucky to grow up in an age where Penang was covered in greens, it was difficult to see abundant greens giving way to the growth and progress of this beautiful island. Though our economy may be growing in strength as we progress as a nation, we believe that it is also our duty and priority as citizens to find the bridge that marries nature conservation with the future ; driving great vitality to the island, promoting eco-tourism in a powerful way and saving the planet for the future of our little ones.

I personally hope my children will have a life abundant with nature around them instead of having always to look forward to a holiday where they can escape to a place filled with greens; out of our homeland.

Many of us look for an escape from time to time in hopes of relaxing our mind from our busy schedule, so why not have a little space where we are free to think creatively, act naturally and be whoever we want to be...



Funds: We will contribute 10% of our profits with every single purchase made from our SAVE THE PLANET SERIES  for this cause and with divine intervention, a better and cleaner world...

For those willing to contribute to our cause, please come forward and help us achieve a greener Planet. Sponsors will be given recognition for their heart and goodwill through our public boards with for the respective Eco-Space. 

Team: Comprise of volunteers, youth and people that are passionate about creating a greener future. Collaboration with corporations and establishments, small and big alike to make a difference that would ultimately shape our future.

Every life counts and every effort makes a difference. Everyone involved will be given recognition for their kindness, help and love.

Spaces: We are searching for public spaces and private spaces; be it little corners in urban areas or vast lands in a country setting. Let us know if you know of such a space available, or if you happen to own one. 

(Project cost will be borne by us and sponsors that come forward for each project)

Maintenance: Spaces will be taken care of by the people living/working in that place with guidance from our team of enthusiast.

(E.G: Watering the plants, trimming them, putting fertilizers to help them grow and showering them with love)

Process: Each project will undergo studies, site planning and projection to determine the scale and our current capabilities to handle every project.

Once a project is confirmed, we will then proceed to raising funds and begin healing the planet, one space at a time.

Earth Festivals: Every year, we will also hold a 100% non-profit Earth Festival to help boost this program with the first art sculpture planned to be completed and unveiled in December of 2017 for the world to see....

Measuring success: We will be organising a series of stress-related test based on the people that will be impacted by the Eco-Spaces to educate the public on how nature can truly help us in daily living and also air-quality test for areas that has been fully completed.


We need all the help we can get to make this mission a reality...*praying hard*


We believe that by empowering people to take action in a place where they care about (example their homes), that we can actually create a ripple effect so powerful that it enables us to live healthily while enriching our own private spaces and in return, healing our planet one leaf at a time...


At WTF, what's more important to us is that we play a part in creating a change with those around us. Each day we are given a choice to create something positive with the blessings the universe has given us; the gift of life; and it is our duty to return that gift...

"We do what we can; as long as we can, as hard as we can, as far as we can; and finally, we pray and hope for the best..." - WTF Crew


 FIRST PROJECT: Stay tuned for more updates and project information on our blog.

Do contact us at any time to learn more about how you can play a part in helping our homeland...

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