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Caring Tips & FAQ

"Just like a fine bottle of wine, our favorite pet or a lover; every crystal deserves your tender care; your gentle nature, your love... "


Here are some guiding tips in caring for your piece...


1) Can I take a shower or go swimming with my piece?

Yes you can! However we would recommend you to remove the piece during showers/swims as water will cause the plated charms to oxidize leaving the color dull and unpleasant. It will also weaken the elastic cords therefore best would be to remove it before taking a shower or going for a swim...

2) How can I avoid the charms from getting oxidized?

Unfortunately all the plated charms will somehow get oxidized due to the perfume that we use, sweat, water contact, etc. However as an alternative, we have a growing range of stainless steel accessories and charms for you to choose from...

3) How do i know that a particular crystal is right for me?

Picking the right crystal is simple. It is not necessary to follow according to your birth color/date/stone as those are mere guidelines for the uncertain.

For us, crystal picking is a natural process and it requires only your intuition to know what is best for you. Simply pick the crystal that appeals to you most regardless of what it can do for you. Once you have chosen your desired crystal, then you can learn more about what it does for you physically and metaphysically. 

4) Do I need to purify my crystals?

Yes!! Gemstones are one of the many wonders of nature with its unique ability to strengthen the user and provide healing to our body and soul. To fully manifest these magical powers of nature, a proper purification process is important for us to fully enjoy the benefits that Mother Earth has to offer...

5) What does purifying do to my crystals?

The process of purifying your crystals is believed to cleanse & neutralize your crystals while opening its energy centers so that it will resonate with your being harmoniously on a spiritual level.

6) How do I purify my crystals?

Here are some natural ways that you can use to purify your crystal.


For pieces containing plated metal accesories:

a) Leave it under the calm rays of the Full Moonlight.

b) Let it soak under the morning sun for 1 hour (Best at 7am)

c) Bury it in brown rice overnight (Dispose the rice back into the earth after purifying your crystals)

d) Use a singing bowl

e) Place it on a positive crystal block overnight


For pieces not containing plated metal accessories:

a) Hold them in your hands under running water for 5 mins.

b) Place it in a bowl of water overnight.


7) How long once must i purify my crystals?

a) Whenever you feel like it

b)Whenever someone else uses your piece (to avoid energies clashing)

c) Or be safe like us...We use the full moon as our marker *winks*

8) Is it better to use my crystal bracelet on my left or right hand?

According to books, it is suppose to be your non-dominant hand (the opposite of your writing hand) as the dominant hand is supposed to be your 'giving hand' while the non-dominant is your 'receiving hand' ....However, we would say use it on whichever hand that you feel most comfortable with...

9) Can these crystals cure sickness?

Back in the olden days, crystals were one of the many wonders of nature used in enhancing healing remedies and aid in energy healing/ Chi healing.

However, due to the lack of knowledge that people nowadays possess over sacred and ancient healing methods, we would recommend that you also seek a physician's advice if you happen to be unwell.

10) Can I add/change charms, crystals or re-design my piece whenever I feel like it?

Yes you can! Just pop by our stores anytime or send us your existing piece and we can work on a whole new design together...

11) Do you make our orders with love?

Yes!! And lots of it!!!

We believe that everyone is unique, therefore each piece MUST be treated with the same passion, tenderness and love every single time.




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