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Just the 2 of us

Have you ever gotten lost in a moment so much that the only thing you see is the person standing right in front of you? That's what it feels like to be in love...

Being a couple-owned business, we are blessed to be able to spend our lives seeing each other everyday and working together to make our dreams come true. Though we certainly have our own set of challenges as a couple, the one thing that supersedes it all, is the power of love that brings our hearts together, as one...

In this section, we want to share with you some of our most meaningfully crafted creations inspired by love; by our journey of life as a couple, and the stories that binds us all together...

In this section, we celebrate you; we celebrate your story; we celebrate Love...

So tell me, what's your happily ever after?

Part of me...

From RM75.00 - RM145.00

I'll be there...

From RM70.00 - RM130.00

Love & Might

From RM139.00 - RM259.00

Winter Couple

From RM122.00 - RM249.00


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Golden Fairies

From RM149.00 - RM309.00

Calm & Passionate

From RM144.00 - RM269.00


From RM119.00 - RM209.00


From RM185.00 - RM345.00