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Friends are 4ever

In every friendship, there are always special moments spent together; the kind of moments that we remember forever...

One of the things we can never live without, is having good friends around us; those that are there to bring us up when we are down, or to just lay beside us and lend a listening ear...

As G.Randolf said, " Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget..." So we would like to dedicate this page with a bunch of meaningfully crafted bracelets, so that you and your bestie can cherish every memory together; forever...

Imagine Dragons

From RM79.00 - RM150.00

Part of me...

From RM75.00 - RM145.00

I'll be there...

From RM70.00 - RM130.00

Brother's Pride

From RM60.00 - RM115.00

Purest of Friends

From RM75.00 - RM140.00

Brothers In Arms

From RM107.00 - RM199.00

Four Seasons

From RM188.00 - RM338.00


From RM145.00 - RM299.00

Bound by the Stars

From RM129.00 - RM232.00

Goku & Vegeta

From RM109.00 - RM222.00